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For generations the same family has owned All Rental Center and has been serving homeowners, construction companies, and builders alike with the widest range of tools and equipment for rent in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. We have been providing reliable service, first-rate machinery and tools to those in greater Colorado Springs area. We even have a second location to serve the eastern portion of the state. If Colorado Springs is not the easiest of our locations to get to, you will be happy to know we have a location in Calhan, CO as well. Whether you are looking to rent or buy tools, large equipment, or extra pieces for the equipment you already have, we have the tools you are looking for.  


We know you might not need to buy every tool you will need for just one job, so we strive to offer you the best tool rental experience. We offer options to rent by the day, week, or month so you can make sure to have the tools you need at the right times. Whether you are in need of large equipment, small hand tools, tables and chairs, or trailers to move all your supplies; we have you covered. With hundreds of products and flexible rental options to cover you for a day to several months, we have the tools and equipment you need to get every job done. 


With two locations, in Colorado Springs (719) 599-5118 and in Calhan (719) 347-3220, All Rental's excellent service and high-quality, well maintained equipment will meet your needs. We help our clients work smarter, not harder.


Call us today! Colorado Springs (719) 599-5118 Calhan (719) 347-3220

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