Frequently Asked Rental Questions

What do I need to rent equipment in Austin Bluffs?

To rent equipment, a valid driver’s license and credit card/debit card are required at the time of rental. Names on both of these must match the name on the contract.

What is the damage waiver?

The damage waiver is an optional coverage available to customers. This coverage lowers the customer’s responsibility in the event that the equipment gets accidentally damaged. The damage waiver is 12% of the rental price and has a $1,000 deductible. The damage waiver will automatically be charged unless the customer declines coverage before the rental contract is signed. Damage waiver fees cannot be reimbursed after rental. Restrictions apply, please speak with an All Rental Center service member for more details.

Do you take reservations for equipment rentals?

Yes we take reservations! If you submit a rental request online, please note that the reservation is not final until you receive confirmation from All Rental Center, either by email or phone call. If submitting a request online, please be sure to fill in all fields of the form to ensure we can contact you.

Do you deliver equipment?

Yes! Delivery price will vary depending on the type of equipment and the delivery location. For prices, please call or email

What are the weekend and/or holiday rental rates?

Weekend rental rates apply if you pick up equipment on Friday, within one hour before closing (4pm - 5pm), and return the equipment on Monday, within one hour after opening (7am - 8am). The rate charged on equipment will be one day and four hours. For our metered equipment this rate includes 12 hours of work on the equipment. Any additional time on the machine may result in additional charges.

Holiday rates differ, depending on the day of the week the holiday falls on. For details please call or email

Do you have overnight rates?

Yes! Our overnight rate applies to equipment picked up within one hour before closing (4pm - 5pm), and returned within one hour after opening (7am - 8am) the next day. The rate is equivalent to a four hour usage.

If I rent equipment for a week or longer and need to rent a trailer to transport it, can I bring it back sooner than the equipment?

Yes! If you rent equipment and need to use one of our trailers to transport it to the job site, you can bring it back the same day, then pick it up on the last day to return it, and only be charged a one day rental.